February 1, 2015

The yearbook, without a doubt, is a book that’s loved by students. They look forward to seeing themselves and their friends on each page, and the pictures between the hardcovers become a memento of the school year. This year’s Yearbook Committee, the group of students behind the yearbook, is led by Elakkiya Sivakumaran & Jayson Subaskaran.

Zamir Fakirani: “What initially drew you to the Yearbook Committee and which position did you start with?”

Jayson Subaskaran: “I was curious as to how the yearbook was created and had a few ideas on improving the yearbook, so I immediately applied to join the yearbook committee. Last year was my first year on the committee, and I was given the role of clubs editor, along with two other team members.”

            ZF: “Can you provide us any hints as to this year’s yearbook theme?”

            JS: “It’s been a tradition for us to reveal the theme on the day of the book’s release, but all I can say is that this year’s theme is going to be entertaining and representative of Victoria Park’s spirit.”

ES: “It’s really colourful, lively, and definitely different from previous years. Hopefully, more fun too!”

ZF: “What would you say is the most interesting new implementation to the yearbook this year?”

JS: “This year’s yearbook is going to be revolutionary – and I’m not exaggerating when I say that! You’ll just have to wait for June to see the big surprise.

ES: “We can say that we’ve incorporated technology, made the yearbook more interactive, and the cover is extra special this year.”

ZF: “What do you hope people appreciate or enjoy most about this year’s yearbook?”

ES: “I hope people appreciate how we used the theme and tried to make it apparent throughout the entire yearbook. Due to the changes we’ve made, there are so many parts that I hope everyone will enjoy about the yearbook. If every individual can find at least one aspect of the yearbook to enjoy, that’ll make me really happy.”

JS: “This year’s yearbook is going to be a revolutionary one, and will be a keepsake that everyone will treasure. With technology playing a significant role in students’ lives, the yearbook is easily going to fit in well with the students’ lives as it’s going to contain that “modern” component.”

            ZF: “How do you feel this year’s yearbook compares to previous years and would you say that the yearbook has improved from last year? Is there still room for improvement?”

ES: “I really do think that we have made improvements from the last yearbook and ones before that. I kept a close ear for feedback from students about previous yearbooks so we could learn from those mistakes. I also looked at yearbooks from years before I was in high school for inspiration. This helped us make lots of changes, but I think there’s always room for improvement.”

JS: “Each year’s yearbook committee wishes to keep on improving the yearbook so that it caters to the students even better each year. We were introduced to several new features by the yearbook company and I think that our committee has chosen some excellent ones this year. We wanted to release the yearbook earlier (around mid-June) so that students would have more time to sign autographs. The only unfortunate thing about this is the timing in creating the yearbook. We are unable to showcase VP’s other fabulous events after April.”

ZF: “As for team work in the Committee, how do you and your co-editor organize all the other sub-editors below you in an effective manner?”

ES: “For every section of the yearbook we have a team of two to three editors; often larger sections will get more editors. But we try to encourage everyone to help each other because we want the yearbook to be cohesive and consistent, which is why we began the year by choosing a theme together.”

JS: “Elakkiya and I set due dates earlier on in the year so that we could step in if there were any concerns with design or obtaining photos. Editors who had earlier deadlines also helped those who were still working on their assigned pages. Finally, Elakkiya and I, along with the administration, made sure that pages could be sent for printing at the yearbook company.”