Break away from the storm,

And listen close to Winter’s Song,

Of icy winds and barren plains,

And the snow falling all day long.


Crystal drops of silver and ice

Frozen on the steps,

Snow dipped flowers where each petal

Melts until nothings left.


(You trace the patterns on the window)


Desolate plains and icy deserts,

Swirl the snow up high,

Then drop it down without a sound,

The decrescendo and then a sigh.


(And all around the earth sings with it.)


Glistening gems

Worth far more than gold,

A blanket for the ground to sleep,

And for others, a home.


Close your eyes and listen,

Feel it with your heart.

Feel it in your fingers and toes,

And listen to the dark.


(Primal darkness shakes and rages in tune)


Winds blow and winds howl

Close, nearby the ear,

Singing of storms in lands afar

So alive that you try to hear.


(Just when you hear the whispers of long forgotten words,

it’s gone)