As the school year draws to an end, I’m sure many of you have been beginning to wonder about your yearbooks. What is the theme of this year’s yearbook or even when you will be getting your yearbooks? Well, I got the inside scoop on all the updates on your yearbook directly from Rampragash and Mark Beylin, the chief editors of this year’s committee.

We started off with what all of you must be wondering about, the theme of this year’s yearbook. When Rampragash asked said: “It’s something timeless, something that’s relevant, and something everyone can enjoy!” Mark added: “A theme that we can all relate to and hopefully enjoy! It’s definitely something unique!” When asked how this year’s yearbook will be different from past yearbooks, Rampragash responded: “This year clubs and extracurricular took a real hit, so there are more pages of candid’s and just everyday occurrences. It’ll be more united yearbook, not one split up into different niches.”

When asked about why they chose to get involved in the committee, Mark said: “The Yearbook Committee is one of the best organizations to be involved with at our school. Knowing that we get to create the most awaited book of the year, each of us carries huge responsibilities and tasks. Our ultimate goal is to bring a smile on your face when the yearbooks arrive so that everyone can cherish memories from the entire year.” Rampragash continued: “I’ve always enjoyed graphic design, so it was a fitting choice for me. As well, I wanted to change the streak of bad yearbook covers that the graduating class has seen.”

Certainly, Mark and Rampragash seemed to enjoy their time in The Yearbook Committee as Mark stated: “I’m sure that we chose some of the most talented, dedicated, and creative people at VP to be part of the committee. The team is very enthusiastic and our meetings are full of energy and ideas. We’ve all developed great relationships with each other.” Although they did not know the date of when we will be receiving the yearbooks they did say that we would have it, “just in time to write messages in each other’s yearbooks!”

When asked for their final comments and asked if they had anything to say to VP, Rampragash said “Yeah! It’s been great, and the best experience I’ve had so far. I’ll miss both the highs and the lows, but most importantly, I’ll miss the people” and Mark said “It’s been great. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the 4 years here. To the classes yet to graduate, get involved! It makes your experience that much better.” Hopefully this yearbook will be a high in not only Rampragash’s but the entire student body’s high school experience. Keep your eyes out as the book should be released sometime this month, and make sure to say a special thank you to Rampragash and Mark once you’ve received it!