Are you frustrated that with the numerous global issues? Do you have some spare time on your hands? Well don’t just sit there, do something with VP first ever Do Something club!

The club was initiated this year at VP by Stephanie Wong, Linda Wang, Vanessa Wong, and Sally Lee. This month, I had the opportunity them about their club and what they plan to do to bring change to not only VP but the entire world!So what exactly does the club do? The club works with the Do Something not-for-profit organization to turn the feelings and emotions we all have for social injustice and turn it into actions. The organization believes, trusts, respects, and values teens and their decisions on how they want to make a better tomorrow. Through a variety of fun games and activities, the club plans to stand up for social issues and make a difference, at least at the community level. One of the activities the club has in mind is January Jeans for teens. This is a drive promoting teens to donate their used jeans to various organizations.

The organization focuses on grabbing teens’ attention on many social issues including animal abuse, bullying and violence, disasters, discrimination, education, environment, homelessness and poverty, human rights, physical and mental health, and sex and relationships. “Many of these issues are addressed everyday but that is just not enough,” begins Stephanie. “It is when students truly understand these issues – not just simply nod when the teacher is teaching – and step up to take action have we really succeeded in our mission.”

So does this sound like a great club or not? Come does to Room 105 every Thursday at 12:00 pm to show your support for this fantastic initiative and Do Something to change the world!