November 29, 2014

            This year, VP’s talented artists and Visual Arts Council members worked together to promote and celebrate visual arts at VP by hosting the school’s first Arts Festival on Thursday, December the 4th during lunch.

Students had the opportunity to visit several booths, each showcasing a different art form such as graffiti, watercolour painting, and fruit art. Students were also able to purchase art with the use of tickets that were sold for 50 cents each, although attending the Festival was free of charge.

Grade 11 student Mayar Shahin was one of the participating artists, and presented cupcake-decorating skills to the students that stopped by her booth. She described how Arts Festival provided the “perfect opportunity to share [her] talent” and her passion for decorating cupcakes with the rest of VP. She hopes to inspire others “to try their own hand at baking and cake decorating. It takes patience, but the results are always tasty!”

Members of the Visual Arts Council had a goal in mind when planning and organizing the event. According to one of the leaders, Sarita Molla, this goal was to “give students with a passion [for] Visual Arts a platform to showcase their abilities.” She says the Council “hopes to arouse everyone’s enthusiasm” for the “undermined Arts.”

The efforts of the Arts Council definitely paid off: the Arts Festival was a hit with VP students, and allowed them to express themselves and learn about a diverse range of art forms at the same time. Students can anticipate another festival next year as the Arts Council hopes to make it an annual, or maybe even a semi-annual event.