March 9, 2015

           VP’s Performing Arts Council, Visual Arts Council, and Music Council are working together to host the school’s Arts Week from April 27 to May 1 in order to celebrate the artistic talents of VP students.

Each day of the week will feature a different event hosted by one of VP’s Arts Councils, starting with an Arts Assembly on April 27th. The details of the assembly are still being discussed. On April 30th, however, students will be invited to spend the evening enjoying performances from VP’s music ensembles. Organized by the Music Council and Ms. Chang, Spring Music Night is sure to be an entertaining event for all.

The Visual Arts Council is also planning an Arts Reception and an Arts Gallery. Although the details of these events are still being finalized, it is likely that the Arts Reception will be open for both students and parents to attend. The Visual Arts Council hopes to include contests, art technique workshops, and games such as a scavenger hunt in the event as well. The Arts Reception may also provide students with the opportunity to sell their artwork.

The Arts Gallery will be a hallway displaying several pieces of art created by VP students. There may also be Arts Gallery tours available for students who wish to learn more about the art pieces and the artists who created them.

Members of the Arts Councils are working hard to ensure that Arts Week is enjoyable for all students. It is still a work in progress, but the information that has been disclosed by the Arts Councils hints that it is bound to be a success.