October 4, 2015

Students of all grades at Victoria Park Collegiate Institute gathered in the cafeteria during lunch on October 2nd, 2015 to participate in the school-wide Club Fair. Club Fair is an annual event that gives students the opportunity to sign up for the clubs that pique their interest. Club leaders were excused from class ten minutes early in order to set up their clubs’ sign-up booths. Each club had set up posters and banners, which served the purpose of informing potential members about the purpose of the club. Many of these posters were spectacularly decorated, which aided in attracting students to the different clubs.

During lunch time, the cafeteria was packed with students from all grades. Some walked around, exploring all of the different clubs, while others conversed with the club leaders. Many students crowded over the many sign-up sheets, eager to become members of the various clubs.

Victoria Park CI is host to dozens of clubs, providing students with a wide range of options. The Team of Club Leaders (TOCL) is the governing body of all the clubs. The TOCL’s primary purpose is to serve as a liaison between the Student Leadership Council (SLC) and the club leaders. In addition to that, the TOCL organizes various club events throughout the year, such as Food Fair, Club Olympics, and, of course, Club Fair.

Club Fair is an important event at Victoria Park CI, because it allows students to examine the many different clubs that are offered. Clubs are an important part of a student’s school career, because they can provide a creative outlet and possibly also a leadership experience.  As well, clubs offer an excellent environment to meet other students with similar interests.