VP Voices: A Brief Introduction


Victoria Park’s Panther Press is always looking for ways to expand. Here at Spotlight, we are expanding rapidly. Last month alone we welcomed around 25 new writers, and are re-organizing our section to make it more reader and writer friendly.

This month, we wish to introduce a new segment called “VP Voices.” VP Voices is a new implementation to the Press in which a random array of students are asked the same question. This is groundbreaking for the Press, as these articles will be the first articles published only on the Panther Press website! In a world where people are becoming increasingly dependent on the internet, Spotlight feels as though articles accessed through the web are crucial to reach as many members of the student body as possible.

The timing in which this new segment commences coincides with the SLC General Elections. Therefore on each day after the upcoming long weekend, we will ask each candidate a specific question based on his/her role, and publish his/her responses as not only a campaigning method, but also to introduce readers to the idea of VP Voices.

Spotlight hopes you enjoy this segment as much as we did planning it!

Disclaimer: All quotes are pulled directly from the submitters and have not been edited by any Press staff.


Publishing Dates:

April. 23 – Grade 10 Rep, Grade 11 Rep, Grade 12 Rep, Secretary-Treasurer, Vice-President

April. 24 – Arts Rep, Athletic Rep, Social Convener, President