GaG 2014 was a hit with fresh new ideas and loads of fun!


The annual Girls about Girls (GaG) sleepover is an opportunity through which Grade 9 girls can get to know each other and seek advice from older girls about high school. This year’s theme, “The Inner Me,” led the girls on an intricate journey to find of who you are. I sought out many of the GaG 2014 executives, leaders and participants and asked them about their experiences.

Afreen Janmohammed: “What was your favourite memory of Girls about Girls 2014?”

Lorina Qin:  “The fashion show; that one final bow at the end done by the execs showed us that all the hard work was really worthwhile. There was definitely a warm feeling in my stomach.”

Caitlin Chua: “My favourite GaG 2014 memory has got to be the fashion show. It was initially an idea that Hanna and I came up with back in June. It was a risk since it had always been the “Skit in a Bag” in previous years. After tons of planning and collecting newspapers, I think it was a hit for the participants, leaders, and even the staff supervisors.”

Hanna Zhang: “My favourite part was the energy and excitement! No matter which academic stream [or] background the girls came from, everyone cheered and supported one another like they had been friends forever. Their smiles made me the happiest!”

Nadeya Alli: “My favourite memory from GaG 2014 was being able to personally connect with the girls and forming closer bonds with some of my fellow GaG leaders.”

Alishba Naseer: “My favourite memory of GaG would be the fashion show. I loved how the girls got creative with the newspapers … there was a lot of positive energy in that room. Everyone was having a good time.”

Jessica Zhang: “Dinner was what I was looking forward to the most out of all activities, but spending time with the new students of VP and collaborating with them during multiple activities was definitely unforgettable.”

Lin Zhou: “One of the most exciting parts about the sleepover was the scavenger hunt!”

Ioana Barna: “My favourite part of the Girls about Girls sleepover was the fashion show. I loved that we got to cheer on our friends as they walked down the runway and it was just a time where you could be yourself, and others appreciated that.”

Grace Kang: “I liked talking to people when we were supposed to be sleeping at night.”