February 12, 2015

He shoots, he scores! Hockey is VP’s beloved sport and every winter, the anticipation for the upcoming hockey season grows. One of VP’s most popular teams, there’s no doubt that the VP Boys Hockey Team is here to win. Nevertheless, they continue to prove their superiority and aim at achieving more and more every year. With the great pleasure (or pressure) of having Mr. Rogers as their coach, the boys have taken great strides to remove the word “defeat” from their vocabulary.

The VP Boys Hockey Team started this season with numerous practices to improve and perfect their skills. They entered the TDSSAA Tier 2 North Division in hopes of entering the play-offs and possibly winning the championship title. The boys’ hard work at the start of the 2014 – 2015 season would definitely pay off later on.

The boys started off their season against a strong Northview Heights team. They rallied hard and everyone on the team put in a valiant effort, but unfortunately, Northview players were  at the top of their game and won by a score of 0 – 3.

VP is, however, a place of optimism. Thus, the boys took their first loss as a signal to address their weaknesses and come out as a stronger team in their next game against the notorious Don Mills CI. Don Mills has always been a reputable opponent for any VP squad and this game proved no less. After three periods of intense battle, the score ended with a tie at 3 – 3.

Their next opponent was William Lyon Mackenzie CI, the leading team of the North Division at the time. The team knew that a loss would be fatal to their playoff efforts. They maintained a tight game, which ultimately ended in another tie for VP, with a score of 2 – 2.

VP (0 – 1 – 2) knew that their following game against Earl Haig SS (1 – 0 – 2) could be crucial to their season. Having suffered defeat and ties in the hands of their previous three opponents, VP needed a victory in order to stay level with Earl Haig in the standings. After three intense periods of grueling hockey, the Panthers were victorious over Earl Haig by a score of 4 – 3.

Currently in fourth place in the North Division, the VP Panthers (1 – 1 – 2) are looking to accomplish an immense feat of qualifying for the TDSSAA Championships by raking in the goals in their final four games. Will the boys win against all odds and show VP colours at OFSAA? Only time can tell!