October 3, 2015

The members of the school’s SLC are working hard to organize Victoria Park’s first Halloween dance. The dance will be held on October 30th, 2015 in the cafeteria from 6 pm to 8 pm. Tickets will be sold in the front foyer for only five dollars, to ensure that the event is affordable for all students.

Victoria Park’s students are excited to have an unforgettable night of fun on this scary holiday. There will be music and refreshments for an additional cost, as well as many creative costumes to admire. The head organizer of the event, Lorina Qin, comments on behalf of the SLC that they wish to devote more time and effort towards involving the entire student body in various events at school. “We hope that this dance will be a continued initiative that can bring students together in a surrounding that does not only include lessons and textbooks,” Lorina adds.

For many students, dances are what make high school so special. This is a great event for everyone to attend with their friends, because it will allow students to make new memories that can be enjoyed for the rest of the school year!