A new wave of microblogging has reached us, and Twitter is at the forefront. More people are bound to join, but here’s my take on the popular website.
Do: Tweet. It’s an important part. It’s what Twitter wants you to do. It’s an amazing way of connecting with people.
Don’t: Tweet every 30 seconds. I understand you feel like your life is important, but I don’t need to know your contents of your excretions. Stuff like that could make you infamous pretty quickly.

Do: Make the occasional joke. No one likes someone who seems like they could give Kristen Stewart a run for her money.
Don’t: Diss any particular type of people. That’s not funny in any way, unless they’re screaming fangirls who would give up their virginity to someone that doesn’t even know they exist. Those people annoy practically anyone.

Do: Use hashtags. They’re such an amazing way to connect with people who have similar interests. Obviously, there’s someone out there who would have the same opinion about #Miley’sHair as you do, and then you’d have e-besties for life.
Don’t: #tweet #like #this. #Orlikethis. Stuff like that normally results in the reader thinking too much, and our already tired brains sometimes need a break.

Do: Follow people you want to follow. Celebrities. Voldemort.
Don’t: Follow random people, retweet something, run around the world 40 times and watch The Last Airbender movie because you want a celebrity to follow you. The celebrity’s account is a fake one, and you’re wasting your time. (Just a heads up: Tom Felton has never retweeted anyone.)

Do: Use proper grammar, whenever possible. What I hate most about Twitter: finishing a great tweet, having -1 characters left… and then having to decide which grammar crime to commi
Don’t: Go all grammar nazi on people, unless they’re your friends. Then by all means, go ahead. One can only hope for perfect grammar if we take it upon ourselves to improve the quality of life.

Do: Have fun.
Don’t: Go all fan-crazed in public. Not cool.