October 18, 2014

            Meet Jayson Subaskaran and Zamir Fakirani, the new Spotlight editors for the 2014-2015 year! Jayson is currently a Grade 12 IB student and Zamir is currently in Grade 10 Pre-IB. Both Jayson & Zamir are Yearbook editors and volunteers in their communities. I had the chance to talk to them about their new changes for Panther Press as well as the experience of being a section editor.

Brittany Lau: How do you find being section editors for the Panther Press? As well, how did you feel when you found out that you got this position?

            Jayson Subaskaran: It’s a great pleasure to have received this position. I’ve been writing only for Spotlight since the ninth grade, and it was great news to find out that I, along with my partner Zamir, was in charge of it. It was a very exciting moment finding out that I would be given the responsibility of leading an entire section. After writing for the section all through my high school life, it was very rewarding.

Zamir Fakirani: Being an editor for Spotlight is immensely gratifying, mainly due to the participation and dedication of our writers, as well as the professionalism of the Panther Press staff. I too, like Jayson, have been writing for the section since ninth grade. I was thrilled to take on this new position. Prior to being informed I was chosen, I was rather anxious, for I believed that as a Grade 10 student, I was a weaker editor than my older colleagues. Thankfully, the retiring editors, Narthaanan and Olivia, were extremely reassuring.

BL: What is it about the Spotlight section of the Panther Press that made you join in the first place?

JS: I strongly believe that it is important to recognize students who have accomplished something in a [said] field; they deserve their moment of spotlight. I also believe that highlighting these students would inspire and motivate other students to reach heights as well. With teachers, I also believe that it is important to showcase those who go that extra step by helping students in their work and leading clubs and sport teams. Spotlight permits us to show others what a great school we have.

ZF: I was initially drawn to Spotlight because I liked the idea of getting students of all programs and grades to connect and communicate with each other. I wanted to help break the barriers that seem to exist between students of differing academic streams. Spotlight gets applied writers speaking to IB students, and academic students interviewing LD students, and so on. This is a great thing!

BL: What kind of changes do you guys have in mind for the Spotlight section next year? Why these changes?

JS: To improve the Spotlight Section, we have set in motion a subsection called “VP Voices.” [In] this new implementation, we ask a random array of students in different grades about various topics. These questions could pertain to controversial issues in our school, or ask for suggestions of how to better the school.

ZF: In addition to “VP Voices,” we began to rework Spotlight. We altered the article vetting process in order to better organize the section and reformatted e-mails. We also updated our Section Style Guide and provided our writers with a guide to conducting better interviews in order to improve article quality and interviewee comfort levels.


With such passionate editors leading the Spotlight Section, great things are definitely in store for the paper this year!