May 2, 2014

Meet Manan Khanna, an active Grade 11 student ready to take on the challenge of being the Vice-President at VP! Here is an insight into Manna Khanna’s thoughts and his journey to becoming next year’s vice president!

RG: “Why did you run for the position?”

            MK: “Having been previously elected, I was able to work alongside people from each position in the council, thus allowing me to observe the position most suitable for me. Having worked with Alex extensively throughout the last year, I came to the conclusion that Vice-President would be the ideal position for me. Having attended almost every event in my last three years here at Victoria Park, I have also gained sufficient knowledge that could help me run events in the next school year.”

            RG: “Please elaborate on your experience campaigning.”

MK: “Campaigning this year was truly an incredible experience; I had the chance to meet so many new people from not only my grade, but other grades too. I can say without a doubt that this year’s campaigning period was quite competitive and tough, with each candidate putting their best foot forward. The highlight of this year’s elections for me was collaborating with Alex and running a joint campaign.”

            RG: “What are you plans as the new VP?”

            MK: “I plan on making the SLC more transparent and increasing the approachability of the council as a whole. This can be achieved by having open council meetings that any member of the student body can attend at the end of each month. Additionally, I am going to work with the new treasurer to release a monthly budget report at each of these meetings. Secondly, I plan on running a leadership retreat that is inclusive for all the academic streams in our school, as this has been a problem in the past.”

            RG: “What are your favorite hobbies and past-times?”

            MK: “Biking and canoeing are two things that I am passionate about and been doing since a young age. I also enjoy attending Model United Nation conferences throughout the year, my favourite committee would probably be the United Nations Human Rights Council.”

With all the events planned it seems he is ready for being next year VP and it will be a great year for students at VP!