Victoria Park’s esteemed Social Convener, Angela Du, has organized an extravagant Semi-Formal dance on February 12th, 2015. There will be many attractions at the Aurora Borealis themed dance, including photo booths, desserts, and of course a beautiful venue. Angela has been working extremely hard to plan and put together the Semi-Formal dance and endured through all the difficulties along the way.

Jessica Tran: “Can you give us some insight as to this year’s theme?”

Angela Du: “The theme for this year is Aurora Borealis.”

JT: “Where will the dance be held this year?”

AD: “This year it will be held at the Scarborough Convention Centre.”

JT: “In general, what is to be expected of the Semi-Formal dance this year?”

AD: “There’s going to be a chocolate fountain, both formal and fun photo booths, a dessert table, hors d’oeuvres, a beautiful venue and an amazing DJ. It’s going to be a great night!”

JT: “What are the difficulties of planning a large-scale event?”

AD: “There are many difficulties such as finding contracts and getting those signed on time and worrying about little details. Overall it’s just hard to organize because there are so many small components that make the night and I cannot forget about any of them, from planning, to promoting, to selling, to the coordination of the actual night of. “

There is plenty of work that must be done in to organize such a big event. Angela has done a great job of organizing the Semi-Formal dance for this year and we hope that the Semi-Formal will be a great success.