The legendary Mr.Usprech was (kind of) not kidding about the gap between grade 10 pre-IB and grade 11 IB. Of course, he might have been trying to scare the math out of my peers and I, but he was kind of right.

Gone were the nights where I would stay up watching Korean dramas until 4:00 in the morning while listening to music I can’t particularly remember. Instead, I now spend my nights doing labs based on the holy IB rubric, while trying to master the art of sleeping with my eyes open AND procrastinating.

(I jest, I try to get a solid 5 hours of sleep each day.)

Questionable sleep habits aside, IB has taught me lots of things. It has taught me to never start on an economics commentary the night before, because nothing exceptional comes out of it. Nothing major anyway. Resist the temptation. Don’t do it.

I can’t read anything anymore without analyzing every other paragraph for literary devices. I do unnecessary math in my head, point out scientific flaws when watching television (stay away from Supernatural), and understand what news anchors mean when they talk about fiscal policy and its impact on our economy. I watch and enjoy French television and I laugh at all chemistry jokes.

And although it may sound insanely annoying (trust me, it is), I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In the eight odd months I’ve been in this program, I feel I have been changed, possibly for the better. I now find myself looking for more than what has been given to me. I try to challenge myself constantly, and usually end up with more than satisfactory results.

I’ve also met some amazing friends in the forms of not only my classmates, but people around the world who are in the same program. I’ve met a lot of fellow IB-ers on Tumblr (If you go on the IB tag, I warn you).These exceptional people have showed me IB is not just about being able to use an exclamation mark in math. It is about trying to become the best person you can.

And although I may rue my lack of proper sleep, or half the homework I don’t feel like doing, and the exams that were written by Satan himself, I know I can take away a truly unique experience that will have changed me for the better.