Out in the warm, open air,

The Nightingales sing with flair

Their melodic songs of joy

Among the young girls and boys

Who out in the morning sun,

Play all collectively as one,

At the delight of winter’s passing.

Oh spring,

The season of joy and delight

Far away in a forest,

Florets form among the smallest,

Of the plants and trees around.

The delicate petals astound

Every eye, by their elegance

Positioned like a coronal

Upon a green pedestal,

Of intricate, emerald leaves.

Oh spring,

The season of nature’s beauty.

Out on an animal farm,

A young chick begins to affirm,

The aspects of its domicile,

From its former enclosed dwelling.

From all around the world,

Nature begins to unfurl,

As animals rouse from slumber,

And young animals rise in number.

Oh spring,

The season of new beginnings.