October 2, 2015

            Thanksgiving Day, the day people take time to remember and appreciate what they have, falls on every second Monday of October in Canada. This year, Thanksgiving will fall on Monday, October 12th.

Thanksgiving was first celebrated in 1578 by European explorer Martin Frobisher while trying to discover a northern entrance to the Pacific Ocean. During his journey he had survived many dangerous storms, so on his final expedition he held a ceremony to give thanks for his health and safety.

In 1879, Thanksgiving was declared a national holiday to be celebrated on November 6th. Later in 1957, the date of celebration was changed to the second Monday of October.

For many students, Thanksgiving includes spending time with family, and eating a traditional turkey as the main dish of a large feast. Student Jareeat Purnava says, “I really enjoy relaxing and spending time with family on Thanksgiving. It is a quiet but enjoyable day for me.”

Thanksgiving is a holiday meant to be spent with loved ones, relaxing and giving thanks for all that one has.