April 15, 2015

On March 18th, members of Team 4914, The Panthers, boarded the bus setting their sights on Nipissing University in North Bay, Ontario, which opened its doors to 36 teams from across the province. Being the victors of last year’s event, the team was excited to head back to the event and reclaim the title. Over the three days in North Bay, teams went through a day practice and setup, a day qualification matches, and a day of playoffs to determine who would head to the World Championship in St.Louis, Missouri.

As the doors opened at on Thursday, Nipissing University was filled with teams eager to show off their robots’abilities, team spirit, and gracious professionalism. Team 4914 managed to achieve a qualification rank higher last year’s, becoming a team captain during alliance selection. During alliance selection, the top eight teams formed alliances from a pool of 28 other teams, with team 4914 as the sixth seeded alliance. The eight alliances then entered the playoffs to determine the winner.

The playoffs brought many gripping experiences of success, failure, unexpected turnarounds, and tipped over robots.

In the final round, the alliance team 1310 (Runnymede Robotics), team 4678 (CyberCavs), and team 2013 (Cybergnomes) emerged victorious as the regional champions. Unfortunately, The Panthers could not claim the title of the victors at North Bay, though they had a great time and are looking forward to compete again next year with a new game, a new set of rules, and a new robot.