March 11, 2015

Sports are always an integral part of VP’s culture. At VP, there’s no distinction between winter, spring, summer, or fall. It’s always sports season! Here are some of the most popular VP sports, in case you’re looking to take up a sport this season:

Baseball and Softball

There’s no better sport to play during the spring! Baseball has gone great lengths at VP. Coached by Mr. Rogers and Mr. Ivens, the VP boys are looking to reign triumphantly. Hard work and dedication are their keys to success, and only time will tell how they do.

Softball is back at VP with a bang. The Varsity Girls Softball Team has a new and enthusiastic team, and are ready to rock the TDSSAA stage. The VP girls have been working hard for months now, and are ready to prove themselves to the rest of Toronto.


Rugby is like a religion at VP. It is the first sport that VP students are accustomed to (Rugby 7s) and the last sport that they remember on their way out (Rugby 15s). Thus, it is the heart and soul of VP throughout the year. Rugby 15s is here as a force to be reckoned with this spring as the Boys’ Juniors, Boys’ Seniors, and Girls’ Varsity teams are doing extremely well. Saturday Night Lights (SNL) was a great example of their skills. They’ve surpassed all odds this season and have reached new heights in rugby at VP. Go Panthers!


The royal return of cricket at VP is reaching its climax. With games coming up over the next few weeks, the VP boys are ready to show off their skills to onlookers. They’ve been working hard during practices early in the morning, and have been supported by the staff and students at VP. Mr. Kissell has made a great impact on the students of VP by bringing this great sport back to VP.

Water Polo

Water polo is a student favourite at VP. The VP girls and boys play their hearts out in the water to prove themselves. Water polo has had a great impact on VP, and there is hope that their success escalates each and every season.