Taking on the responsibilities to become VP’s secretary can be an overwhelming task when you are a part of other clubs and a pile of homework waiting. Jessie Li has taken a positive and determined attitude to taking on this SLC position in her final year of high school. Here’s what she had to say.

Zarin Tasnim: What is one word that describes you best?

Jessie Li: I am charismatic.

ZT: What would you like to accomplish as a member of SLC for the next school year?
Firstly I would like to implement all my platform ideas, to make SLC documents more accessible to the student body as well cater to the opinions and suggestions of the students, ensure that students feel comfortable in the high school environment, and overall make the year a success.

ZT: What inspired you to run for the secretarial position in SLC?

JL: It’s something I’ve developed an interest for during the course of the year. Having been on the council this year, I was able to experience and view the behind the scenes work that is inputted. I think the Secretary is one of those roles that are often undermined, but in actuality is an important role within the SLC. Without it, it would be difficult to make plans and organize events because it keeps the entire council on track and organized.

ZT: What motivates you to take on challenges in life? 

JL: A challenge to my own limits, prove that I am capable as long as I set my goal, work hard, and persevere.  Friends and family definitely motivate me as well to do better, inspire me to step out of my comfort zone and seize the opportunity.

Getting to know such an active participant in our school’s community was a great inspirational encounter this year. Jessie Li, the future secretary of VP, is a great role model to those who seek the guidance of a caring, responsible and charismatic individual. I have high hopes for all the future members, and wish Jessie Li luck for the upcoming school year!