With the heat of the elections just over, the new SLC is about to take their seats in office. Taking the place of the Grade 11 rep is Manan Khanna. Manan Khanna is an athletic Grade 10 student who enjoys biking and playing cricket. He participates in biking events plays cricket for a few leagues outside of school as well. So future Grade 10 students and anyone else that is interested, keep on reading for insight on your future representative!

Narthaanan Srimurugathasan: What motivated you to run for Grade 11 rep?

Manan Khanna: At the start of the school year I started a club with one of my friends…called Plan Canada. At first I was nervous on being a leader…however I had the chance of learning a lot and becoming more active in this school. I got the same feeling when deciding whether to run or not. I was extremely nervous but I’m certain I made the right decision because it will be a great learning experience and a chance to make Grade 11 the best year possible.

NS: So how exactly do you plan on making next year the best possible year?

MK: I plan on making next year the best possible year for my peers through open communication. Communication was a huge part of my platform, as the main responsibility of a Grade rep is to bring the voices of their respective grade to the table.

NS: If you could be any animal, what would it be?

MK: I have always been fascinated by turtles, I find it really cool how adaptable they are. They have managed…[to] adapt to the conditions of our planet. That being said, I personally think adaptability is really important because sometimes you can be put in places outside of your comfort zone, therefore adapting to the situation may really aid you. This is why if I could be born as an animal, I would choose a turtle.

Well there you have it! Manan Khanna is an outstanding individually who is motivated to bring only the best for the following year. Let’s wish him, and the other members of the SLC, best of luck and hope for many entertaining and spirited events for the year to come!