February 7, 2015

VP’s SickKids Foundation will be hosting their semi-annual money drive from the 9th to the 13th of March in an effort to raise funds for The Hospital for Sick Children.

During the drive, every homeroom class will be responsible for collecting as much money as possible in the bags that will be provided for them by the club leaders. The class that will have raised the most money by the end of the week will receive a pizza party.

The money drive will end with Blue Day, a day when students and staff at VP are encouraged to wear blue to raise awareness for VP’s SickKids Foundation and its goals.

Students raised a total of $500 in the money drive that took place in December of last year, with the winning class raising around $100. The SickKids Foundation hopes to raise even more money this month. “We have a goal of raising $600 this time,” said club leader Inaara Rajabali.

SickKids Foundation is a relatively new club at Victoria Park that has grown remarkably this year. It will hopefully continue to do so as its members promote the club and dedicate their time and effort to its success.