On March 22nd 2013, the 2nd Annual VPCI Food Fair took place from 11:35 to 12:35 in the school cafeteria. While the event was organized by the TOL Executive Council in a matter of days, the contributions of both club leaders and members were also significant in making the Food Fair possible.


Over twenty of the sixty clubs at Victoria Park Collegiate participated in the fair, including Craft Club, Free the Children, Oxfam, and Journalism for Human Rights. Fruit kabobs, pizza, donuts, chocolate strawberries, jell-o with whipped cream, and Tandoori chicken are some of the delicacies that were sold. Unlike the November 23rd Food Fair, all of the food have sold out during that single lunch period.


When compared to the first, this event was regarded by many students to be the more successful, although it generated less revenue, at $1528.50. All of the proceeds from the event will be donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association, which was decided after the General Team of Leaders had voted.


This was the first time that Food Fair received media coverage, which helped to popularize the enthusiasm among the students.


Lisa Xiao, Chair of TOL expressed: “The Vice-Chair, Jessica Liang, and I worked together in the days before the Food Fair to send out press releases and to call the various media outlets. In the end, CityTV and Rogers TV’s High School Rush came and featured us.”


The Second Food Fair also served to promote environmental awareness at Victoria Park Collegiate, as each student was restricted to having only one set of plastic plate, napkin and fork. Students who brought reusable containers that day were given a free food ticket (valued at $0.50) as a reward for their stewardship of caring for the environment. This was an initiative proposed by the Eco Council after realizing that too many plates had been wasted in the first Food Fair.


“It was a tough time and climate to run a food fair, but the TOL Executive Council and Mr. Larratt-Smith stuck with me until the end,” Lisa added. “I am extremely pleased and grateful for the turnout.”


It is always pleasing to see a group of students working together to make a positive difference in the community. The Second Food Fair serves as an example that when students unite for a common cause, any goal is achievable.