October 20, 2013

            University applications are approaching for most graduating students of 2014 and to receive a scholarship would be ideal. Many students are offered scholarships by the universities due to their outstanding performance in both academics and extracurricular activities.

The University of Toronto has many scholarships to offer. Examples of such include a Scholars Program which offers a total of 550 admission awards with a value of $5000, a President’s Scholars of Excellence Program which recognizes the top 50 applicants by awarding them $5000 each, guaranteed part-time campus employment and an international learning opportunity during studies and a President’s Entrance Scholarship Program offering at least $2000 for all students that meet the required criteria of the university based on admission marks.

The University of Waterloo as well has many scholarships offered to students. For example, they have a President’s Scholarship which gives a $2000 entrance scholarship to all students achieving an average above 90%, and a Merit Scholarship, valued at $1000, for students achieving an 85% to 89.9% average. Waterloo’s most prestigious scholarship is the President’s Scholarship of Distinction which offers certain students above 95% grade average either a $1500 International Experience Award and/or a $1500 Research Award, in addition to the $2000 promised.