Half a teaspoon of pity for the peaches separated from the others
Another tablespoon of sadness for the wheat stripped of colour
Two dashes of regret for the lemons grown and lived sour
A sprinkle of hope for the yummy taste to de determined within the hour

The five teaspoons of sugar to make the heart all better
And just to be sure…

A few walnuts to harden the sympathy for the soon-to-be eaten
So the feeling of remorse can easily be beaten
One more pinch of cinnamon to spice up the day
And a bit of salt to melt the coldness away.

Half a bite of joy for the boys and girls baking it
And eating it
A bigger bite for the children
Who fight and bicker over it

An hour to make peaches into pie
An hour to devour peaches made into pie
An hour to savour the peaches devoured in the pie.