★★★★ (out of 5)

When it is late and I am tired, I usually go with my family to the Happy Panda buffet at 2692 Eglinton Avenue East. It is a restaurant you will certainly enjoy.

Happy Panda is a restaurant that has a wide variety of types of food. The heart of the restaurant is food from the Chinese culture but they do offer various other cultural foods. From salads to soups to Szechuan style food, the list of exquisite food goes on.

The dish I usually order is the Kung Po chicken. It is the classic Chinese dish that contains chicken and diced up vegetables, all mixed in a delicious chilli sauce. Another delicious dish that I would recommend is the California rolls. The California rolls are sushi rolls that contain cucumber, crab meat and avocado.

For all those vegetarians out there, there are still many delicious dishes available. The vegetable chow mein noodles is a mouth-watering dish made from vegetables and noodles cooked in a great soy sauce.

Happy Panda is a buffet that you and your family will enjoy so go try it out and see it for yourself. If you would like more information on the restaurant, you can go and check out their website at www.happypanda.ca. Happy eating, or should I say, Happy Panda!