On October 15th, 2012, Premier Dalton McGuinty stepped down from his post as Premier of Ontario. When he announced his resignation, McGuinty voiced his intention to prorogue legislature, a decision that would end a disorderly session at Queen’s Park.

Dalton McGuinty was first elected Premier of Ontario in 2003. Despite some of the negativity he may be receiving at the time, he did indeed bring some changes to the table during his post, by implementing a full-day kindergarten program in a number of schools across the province for instance.

The announcement of McGuinty’s resignation caught almost every Ontarian by surprise. It was also to the astonishment of many Liberal Party politicians present during the press conference. However, not everyone felt the same way about this proroguing of Parliament.

Many politicians and Ontario citizens alike were enraged by this move, for they feel as if he was fleeing the chaos that he had created during his term in office. A notorious example of one of the more controversial decisions that the former Premier made is the expensive cancellation of two new gas power plants.

Steve Palkin, an Ottawa citizen, states, regarding McGuinty’s changes in office, “One of the first things he did (after being elected premier for the first time) was significantly raise taxes to pay for the service improvements he promised during the 2003 campaign — despite signing a pledge that he wouldn’t.”

The reason as to why this sudden resignation occurred still remains in question, with great speculation surrounding the idea of McGuinty running in the race against Justin Trudeau to become the leader of the Liberal Party. On the other hand, those who are working closely with him maintain that he stepped down from his position in order to “take a break” from politics.

McGuinty will remain in office until the next leadership convention, and he has also proclaimed to serve out his term as MPP in his Ottawa-South riding.