Ever since the release of the popular book series, Harry Potter in 1997, there has been a longing for many HP fans to experience the world of Hogwarts, where unicorns are alive, and quidditch is played throughout the globe. Zoey Li and Connie Yu made this dream come alive for many HP fans at VP, when they formed the club Potter Heads for the first time in the history of VP.Zoey and Connie are both seniors in the IB program. When they are not busy indulged in the academics, they enjoy reading and fashion. The idea of a club featuring life inside Hogwarts came to them when they were on a long journey from Manchester to London.

“Make love, not horcruxes,” is their motto.

Potter Heads is a club where Hogwarts comes to real life. Members of this club are sorted into the four houses (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw) based on the trivia questions that they must answer.

Additionally, they watch the HP movies, play games related to Harry Potter, and learn new facts about the phenomenon world that J.K Rowling had created.

“My favourite part of this club so far was the sorting,” said Viktoria H., a Grade 10 student. “Once, instead of doing trivia questions, the leaders decided that they were going to have two people duel with as many spells as they knew. Whoever ran out of the spells the fastest, would not get another turn until they were picked again, but whoever won got to choose the house they wanted to be in.”

The part of this club that sets it apart from all other clubs is that it is created mainly for the purpose of entertainment for Harry Potter fans.

Amy, another member says: “It is truly a magical experience!”