Panther Press Opinion Editors


Saarah Tennakoon and Mishal Dar have been the co-editors of the Opinions section of the Panther Press since May 2014. Saarah and Mishal are both in Grade 12 and have had plenty of experience with the Panther Press all throughout their secondary school career.  Both of them had written for the Press before they became editors. The Opinions section is a completely open-minded area of the Panther Press, accepting of everyone and their opinions on different issues and problems in the world today.

Jessica Tran: “How old are you and what grade are you two in?”

Saarah Tennakoon: “I am 17 years old, and currently in Grade 12.”

Mishal Dar: “I am 17 years old, 18 in January, and currently in Grade 12.”

JT: “Is this your first year being the Opinions co-editors? If not, how long have you both held this position? Also, for how long have you two been a part of the Panther Press, and how do you contribute in the production of the paper?”

ST: “I’ve been the Opinions co-editor since May 2014, so yes; this is my first full year of being in this position. I actually hadn’t been an active part of the Panther Press for long before that; although, I had previously contributed a few articles to the Opinions section.”

MD: “I have been the Opinions co-editor since May of last year. I have been a part of the Panther Press since Grade 10, writing for the Opinions and Literature sections.”

JT: “What do you enjoy about being the Opinions co-editors and a part of the Panther Press?”

ST: “What I enjoy the most is the ability to help people express their ideas and views on the world that comes with being an editor of the section. Words hold massive power and it’s great be a part of youth channelling their ability to create and make a difference with words, while also learning from their perspectives. At the same time, I am improving my own writing skills.”

MD: “I love the idea of a student-run paper, and students writing about issues that affect students! Though, I’ve come to realize that it’s not always smooth sailing, I still have great trust in our Panther Press team and our writers. The best part about being the Opinions co-editor is getting to read, well … all the different opinions that VPCI students have. We are a diverse bunch and that leads to multiple perspectives on the same topic. [It] makes for interesting reading.”

JT: “If you can think of one, what is an interesting fact about you?”

ST: “I may have a mild addiction to fortune cookies.”

MD: “I am a thoroughly boring person. I would like to put blame on my parents as they have had me under an informal house arrest since birth. Though, in all honesty, I tend to gravitate towards quiet, calm activities, or activities which others often consider to be dull.”

The Panther Press team is incredibly lucky to have these two editors, Mishal and Saarah, to oversee the Opinions section of the newspaper. Together with everyone else in the Panther Press team, they have certainly put in an immense amount of effort into making the school newspaper!