May 2, 2014

            As you know, the 2014-2015 SLC elections were recently held. Many new members were elected and our victorious president was none other than Mr. Alexander McCarthy! Want to know more about his platform and ideas for our school? Well, read on!

            Nadeya Alli: “What do you plan on doing next year to benefit Victoria Park as our President?”

Alexander McCarthy: “As president I’ll implement my platform to the best of my abilities. As said during my speech, I want more joined council events. [I want] events to be more memorable by giving more power to different councils, increase transparency in the council [and wish to] improve Student Voices by having bi-monthly student forum meetings, bi-monthly surveys, and try to get students more involved in the SLC so they feel more included in the decision making process. Finally, I want to break the barriers between the academic [divisions]. I know it will be hard, but that’s primarily my goal.”

            NA: “How do you plan on breaking the academic barriers to eliminate classism?”

            AM: “I want to see what makes events like Semi so successful in breaking these barriers. I’ll try to incorporate themes from semi-formal like dances, and other events to make [newer events] more attractive to different students. Leadership Retreat for example, is leadership focused, and appeals to students who love being leaders, so perhaps I should try to incorporate other themes to make it successful for other students as well.”

            NA: “Are there any new events that you plan on implementing in the school?”

AM: “My [primary] focus is more on systems. [I plan on] making old events better, implementing more RAK weeks, and another equity week. I plan on working with everyone in the council to improve Semi, the talent show, and Student Voices [and events under this category].”

            NA: “Is there a set method with which you plan on improving Student Voices?”

AM: “This was the first year that we implemented [the program], and I helped guide the process of its creation. I feel we could increase the publicity of Student Voices by giving them their own events throughout the year and making them more [recognized] in the school.”

            NA: “You mentioned student forum meetings, can you elaborate on this idea?”

AM: “Essentially, the SLC would chair a meeting in an open area. Students would be able to walk in, see what is on the agenda, voice their opinions on topics and give their own ideas on school events. The idea is that students will be more involved in the decision-making process, and contribute to the events that affect them.”

You heard it here first! Alexander wants to improve our school by demolishing the barriers separating all academic labels to promote one open, collaborative and unified school! Don’t hesitate to approach him and voice your ideas. I guarantee it’s a conversation worth starting.