Between the days of September 28th to September 30th,Ontario hosted its annual university fair at theMetroConvention Center in downtownToronto. The fair had various universities that were mostly Ontario-based, but also some sponsors of the fair.Each university occupied a booth and was equipped with representatives, information booklets and programs details. Packed with eager secondary students and parents, individuals were given the opportunity to ask personal questions and familiarize with schools of their interest. Areas that were particularly emphasized were admissions, tuitions, programs, co-op opportunities, facilities and residence.

Additionally, individual seminars were provided for popular universities such as McMaster,York, Ryerson,Torontoand many more! The fair gave students a lot of insight to high education and opened up a range of possibilities that haven’t before been considered.

By the end of an exhausting day of walking, pushing through crowds and packing bags with tons of booklets and freebies, most students had a clearer idea of their future plans. This was an opportunity not to be missed and an experience worth remembering.