The annual public art exhibit took over downtown Toronto once again this year on Saturday September 29, 2012.

For one sleepless night, the whole city seemed to come alive, as people turned out in droves to experience contemporary art displays up close and personal. The crowd mostly consisted of teenagers and college/university students who took full advantage of finally having an excuse to stay out well into the night.Despite the lateness of the hour, the energy on the streets was at an all-time high. You could hear the chatter and the laughs of a group of girls every now and then, as skateboarders zoomed past. As you walked down the street, you could even spot young children, smiling as they proudly waved their bright glow sticks (a memento for the night).

On the downside, the blocked roads caused quite a bit of traffic congestion, creating an unpleasant, claustrophobic atmosphere.

With most stores closed for the night, all restaurants and fast food stands were open and eager to get their share of the experience as well. McDonalds was packed with people in need of a quick bite to eat before they head off into the night once more. Many people were also offering samples in booths, promoting merchandise.

The experience was unforgettable, but where the art was concerned, Nuit Blanche fell short of expectations. An anonymous source that attended the event in 2011 felt that the previous year’s celebration had a lot more artwork for the people to enjoy.

However, despite the lack of artwork, attending Nuit Blanche was definitely worth it. The whole atmosphere makes you feel like a true Torontonian, bringing together people from all over the city.