November 21, 2017

Naziha Ali: How does it feel to be “Athlete of the Month” for November?

Jacky Huang: Firstly, I’m extremely happy to be recognized for my hard work. When I was first told that I was one of the nominees for Athlete of the Month, I was really surprised. To be chosen from such a group of talented and dedicated athletes feels amazing.  

NA: What inspired you to join the Volleyball Team?

JH: Volleyball has always been one of my favourite sports! The game itself is really fascinating, interesting, and requires a lot of skill. I started playing volleyball in 4th grade and from then on, I really enjoyed the different aspects of the game. I would also like to congratulate the Senior Boys’ Volleyball team for winning the North Region Championship.  During some of our games, they also gave us words of encouragement which was greatly appreciated. The seniors were an inspiration during the season; many of my teammates and myself aspire be be as good as them.

NA: What would you like to say to / about your coach(es)?

JH: First of all, I would really like to thank Ms. Sarkovski for coaching our team in such an amazing season. Having 4 morning practices a week is not an easy task for anyone. Ms. Sarkovski, who lives very far away, was still able to offer as many practices as possible. She not only works hard but often provides us with a lot feedback. In addition, two amazing talented athletes from the Girls’ Volleyball team, Valerie Chan and Michelle Chen, have contributed to the success of the team. They helped run drills, provided us with feedback, and attended every practice and game.  

NA: Which accomplishments were you most proud of this season?

JH: There are many accomplishments that I am extremely proud of during this season. Making the playoffs was one of goals that our team had set during the start of the season and being able to achieve this goal alongside my fellow teammates was wonderful. Especially since we won three straight games to advance to the regional quarterfinals. Perseverance and hard work during practices ultimately reflected our progress. Another accomplishment was that we were able to further develop volleyball skills. Hopefully, we can carry our experience this year into future years!

NA: How was being a team co-captain this year different from your experience last year?

JH: As the co-captain this year, I was able to share a lot [of] my past experience with the team and provide them with assistance. I also got the opportunity to share some tips for improvements during timeouts, what to expect, areas of improvement after [a] game, etc. We also discussed our game plan before each game, which has contributed to our success. Taking a leadership role in the team feels completely different. I felt I had more experience to share with my teammates and more opportunity in helping them.      

NA: What do you like most about being on the Junior Boys Volleyball Team?

JH: I absolutely love the attitude of my teammates and how hardworking they are. They are all very dedicated, open to suggestions, and they help one another when they can. During games, they are supportive and encouraging. The atmosphere of our home games [was] awesome since many of my classmates and friends also came to watch our games and cheered our team on. I am grateful that many of VP’s students are passionate about the game as they come and support the team. Representing Victoria Park during games [is] by far the most rewarding part of my season. While playing against other schools, I was able to learn many things and celebrate with my team mates. Athletics at VP can’t really get any better than that.