Rising through the sky so high
Living in a world so bright
But for a night we come down to earth
Only to delve in our glorious youths with right

We run through the doors with no warning
Breathing in the fumes of life
Screaming and shouting to announce our welcome
The noise piercing our ears like a knife

But we live on with laughs on our lips
Without the need for any protection
We embrace any danger we might face
Be it physical, emotional or simply rejection

Our bodies packed together tightly
They sway yet contradict one another
The soul of the room pumping through us
No one to stop us from, no ceiling or cover

We stand together, we stand alone
Who we are is lost in a pool of adrenaline
Forward, backward hold no meaning
None are now afraid to any kind of felon

But this night stays as is
Once the room has been emptied and broken
Nothing will remain, memories lost
Take it from me as a gratitude token