On Saturday, April 21st, over 200 high school students and parents gathered at Sir John A. MacDonald CI’s auditorium for a talent showcase where all proceedings is going to Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada. Nearly $1500 has been raised through tickets, food purchases, and donations which will make a group of underprivileged children to enjoy life.

Preparations for the 3-hour annual talent showcase began last November when 12 student representatives from the host school as well as from L’Amoureaux CI, Dr. Norman Bethune CI, Marc Garneau CI, Stephen Leacock CI, and VPCI met up to vote on which charity the profits would be donated to. Then, they held auditions in February. Since that time, the NEXUS Executive Team (or NET, as members call themselves) has been working with the performers tirelessly to bring the show together.

The name “NEXUS” is a join of the acronyms of “northeast” and “united schools” by the letter X in between to signify the way students are coming together to achieve a common goal. The idea of NEXUS started 3 years ago with former-trustee, Ms. Soo Wong (who is now the MPP for Scarborough-Agincourt).

VP’s Blackout performed Aerosmith’s 1973 rock song, Dream On. Their spectacular cover enabled the audience to be captivated by the motivational and timeless lyrics.

“Over a year back … I wouldn’t even think that we would come this far! Normally with bands, it takes them years for them to develop some sort of style.” said Rafin Reza, the Grade 10 leader-singer for the band. NEXUS provided a wonderful opportunity for them to exhibit their talents.

For $5, the audience also enjoyed other creative acts ranging from juggling to magic, and from improvisation of rap lyrics to compilation of Rihanna’s songs.

The school’s principal, Mr. Richard Tarasuk, remarked that not every act can win a million dollars someday, but the fine idea of expressing oneself through the arts will continue.

Although none of the performances won anything, some $10-value prizes were given to some lucky audience members through a raffle draw.

The show captivated its audience to a new level when one of the NET emcees, Suneel Mistry of Stephen Leacock CI, “prom-posed” fellow emcee with balloons. Of course, she said yes.

As the end of the night, the school’s superintendant Mr. Peter Chang went on stage and expressed how proud he is for students to show leadership and initiative to help people of different needs. He said that when he was in high school, there were no such opportunities. He also stated that it is very important for the younger generation to have the yearn for social justice.

Not only have friendships been built in the 5-month preparation period, lives of strangers are being impacted, forever.