This month, I had the pleasure of interviewing several members of a club that many students in the school may not have the opportunity to hear about. I got to know the inner workings of this remarkable student organization—the Muslim Student Association, better known as MSA.MSA is club at VP with twenty members, both Muslim, and non-Muslim, who work together to discuss issues concerning the Islamic faith.

This club, with Ms. Akram as its staff supervisor, aims to enlighten people about Islam, as well as to provide a space for Muslim students at VP who may feel targeted and stereotyped because of what they believe in.

As well, this group also has a special “sister’s program”, which deals with issues directly related to teenage girls.

MSA was also involved in several charity fundraisers. Last year, they held a henna tattoo fundraiser to raise money and then donated that money to sponsor a child in a developing country.

Additionally, this club also holds potlucks, in order to create a more enclosed and warm atmosphere, similar to a family, rather than a club that holds meetings at a professional level.

Asma, one of the members of MSA, ended the interview by noting: “I have gotten to know a lot of amazing people because of this club. This is why I love being in Muslim Student association so much.”