Many of you who have taken a science or dance course before, have probably had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Seedhouse or perhaps you have passed her in the hallway before. Ms. Seedhouse is very friendly and passionate about many different things; she is also very patient and understanding with all of her students. She teaches a variety of very different subjects, ranging from Chemistry and Biology to Dance and Drama. She also has many interests and hobbies that she pursues outside of school. Luckily, amidst her busy schedule, she managed to make time for an interview with us.

Ms. Seedhouse has many interesting hobbies, which include skiing, dancing, and racing in triathlons, consisting of swimming, biking, and running. These hobbies are clearly something that Ms. Seedhouse is very passionate about, and for many of you, it may come as a surprise that Ms. Seedhouse is athletic as well as very knowledgeable.

Ms. Seedhouse was involved in many extracurricular activities during high school, which included participating in school plays, even being a stage manager once, as well as once being a director for one of the school’s shows. She was also a part of her swim team at high school, and she helped to organize leadership retreats.

Surprisingly for many of us, Ms. Seedhouse did not always want to be a teacher. She actually wanted to be a doctor. However she decided that she wanted to become a teacher when she was writing her medical school applications. Ms. Seedhouse has been a teacher for six years, and she has always taught at Victoria Park. She describes her favorite part of teaching as those moments when students demonstrate initiative.

If you want to be a teacher, Ms. Seedhouse has some advice: Make sure you really enjoy working with students. However you also must have a genuine interest and passion about your subject. For those of you who want to enter the field of science, Ms. Seedhouse also encourages you to be sure that you are interested in that area.

Ms. Seedhouse’s final advice for high school students is, “To except the things you’re good at.” She also encourages high school students to seek opportunities, especially in their area of interest.

Ms. Seedhouse is a very friendly and fun teacher, who is always eager to help her students, with anything. So if you see Ms. Seedhouse in the hallway, remember to say hello!