May 11, 2014

Another year, another dozen movie adaptations of popular novels. You wonder sometimes if Hollywood is having trouble coming up with new ideas.  Despite the large number of movies based on novels that are highly acclaimed, not as many find the success that one would expect. In fact the only such movies worth mentioning would have to be legends such as: the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Harry Potter Series, The Godfather, or the Jurassic Park Series. Unfortunately, next to these there are a large number of movie adaptation fails. Let’s take the time to remember some of these fabulous flops.

The one that tops the list is the movie based on the popular fantasy novel Eragon by Christopher Paolini, released in 2006. Not only did the movie get terrible reviews but it also enraged the loyal fan base, the entirety of which was a step away from grabbing their pitch forks and storming the director’s house. More than half the characters had been omitted from the movie, and the plot of the book had been completely altered.

Another major flop that had Rick Riordan fans tearing out their hair was Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief released in 2010. Though not as utterly demolished as Eragon, the movie missed a number of important scenes from the book, the removal of which was in no way beneficial to the movie. Overall the movie had great potential had it not decided to ditch Rick Riordan’s perfectly thought out plotline.

The Host, released last year and based on the book of the same name by Stephenie Meyer, initially attracted a large crowd, until people began to realize exactly how cheesy it was. At times I found myself secretly hoping that the director was purposely poking fun at the plot, but then again there is a limit to making fun of yourself.

Don’t let these failures discourage you from watching more book-into-movie adaptations. A few to look forward to in the upcoming year would be: James Dashner’s The Maze Runner set to come out on September 19, Suzanne Collins The Mockingjay coming out on November 21, the third installment in The Hobbit trilogy; There and Back Again released on December 17, and Nicolas Spark’s The Best of Me set to come out on October 17.