Celebrating the Special Day

  April 10th, 2015

Mother’s Day is a day to honor, celebrate, and appreciate our own mothers, mother-like figures or anyone other woman that fits the same idea in your life. This year it lands on Sunday, May 10th, always being on the second Sunday of May. (Father’s Day, an equally important holiday falls on Saturday, June 21st this year, so don’t worry, they’ll get their day too!) To make this day count, make sure whatever motherly figure in your life gets the appreciation they deserve.
To a lot of people a mother is the most beloved person in their life, being the one to give birth to you, raise you, and love you unconditionally. (Don’t worry if this isn’t the case, because there’s sure to be someone who fits that description in your life!) A lot of people like to get cards, flowers, chocolate, or even take their mom out on this day, which are all great ways to celebrate. More importantly, it’s not the material things that will matter, but the love you share. How many times do people actually take the time to tell their mom they love them, hug her, or kiss her? For some, not many. Mother’s Day is the perfect reminder that simple things can be forgotten, but are extremely special. Take this day to help her around the house, spend time with her, and put a smile on her face!
Remember, this person you cherish so dearly won’t be around forever, and one day a year to celebrate them is the least you can do. That’s why Mother’s Day is so important, not because it’s something you should feel obligated to celebrate, but something that should get you thinking and caring. It’s also not something that you only do when you’re little, it should be constant throughout your whole life, and even more important thing to do as you grow older. Mothers have a great influence on our lives every day, whether it’s your mother, someone else’s, or other motherly figures in your life.

No matter how you express your love, just make sure that you do it, because that’s what the day is all about. Happy Mother’s Day to all the brilliant, caring women out there!