Since a little kid, Ms. Zagaritis’ dream was to become a Math teacher. She likes math and working with teenagers. So, a high school math teacher was the perfect job for her.

Her hobbies are traveling, reading, and working out. Born in Niagara, she is the youngest in her family. Growing up together, she is also very close with her older sister. She grew up on a farm with both animals and crops. Even though she lived on a farm, she wasn’t much of an animal person and still isn’t to this day.

When it comes to the farm work she was usually the one to mow the lawn by “riding the lawn mower.” She describes her style sense as casual and comfortable.

When in high school, Ms. Zagaritis’ main goal was to get on the honor roll. She says that her math marks in high school were average, but I highly doubt that since she received a 99% in Calculus!

Reluctant to leave her family, Ms. Zagaritis went to a University near her home and majored in Math. Then, before she taught at Victoria Park, she taught Business at Nelson High School, located in Burlington.

Ladies and gentlemen…Ms. Zagaritis!