October 30, 2015

Over the past month, the Grade 9 Representative candidates campaigned, gave speeches, and shared their amazing perspectives and insights on how they wish to be an outstanding liaison for the student body. When the election finally ended, Sana Mohammed was officially declared as the new Grade 9 Representative! Her vision includes ensuring that Grade 9 voices are heard, appreciated, and put into action.

NS: “What were you feeling when you were announced as the Grade 9 Representative?”

SM: “So we were in this board room and Angela [SLC President] said my name and my legitimate words were, “Oh, oh my God thanks.” I’m genuinely saying this but it definitely was a complete shock. There was so much competition and I kept on reminding myself [that] there is always a next time if I don’t win this time. I remembered I had to stay quiet until it was said on the announcements and my friends kept on asking me who won. I was so close to saying it but I couldn’t. When my name was said, all my classmates all gave me this big group hug and I felt so loved. It is a great feeling when you have so many people supporting you.”

NS: “What obstacles did you face on your journey to becoming a Grade 9 Representative?”

SM: I think one of the main obstacles was presenting my speech. When I got elected to run as the rep I was very excited, but then I remembered I had to speak in front of an audience of 100+ people and I was scared. I mean, I do love public speaking and I have done it a lot … I wanted to present myself in a way so that people could relate [to] me and want to be my friend. Somehow I was able to successfully present my speech without making a complete fool of myself. Never would I have ever imagined that I could succeed in accomplishing something like this, I am truly honoured.

NS: “What do you think will be the hardest challenge of being the Grade 9 Representative?”

SM: I think [that] the hardest challenge of being a Grade 9 rep is making sure [that] everyone is happy with how the Grade 9 year is going. I really am going to try my best to fulfill everyone’s ideas at school because this is all about them and I am doing this all for them. I don’t want to let anyone down. I was [elected] by them and I want to make sure they do not regret their decision [of] voting for me … I am going to try my best to make the majority of people happy through the decisions that are made, and make sure the ones who may be unhappy, change their minds or use their ideas when something else comes up. I still am going to make sure that everyone in Grade 9 has the best Grade 9 year at VP.

NS: “What do you expect the most out of this school-year?”

            SM: “Something I really am expecting out of the Grade 9s this year is getting them hyped about VP and getting their voices heard. This is our first year and many people are shy and don’t [really] want to speak up. That will not happen under [my watch] … If these students are [going to be] spending the next 4 years of their lives at this school I want to make sure [that] their first year starts off with a bang, so they know [about] what more they can expect in the years to come … [I’m also] going to make sure that everyone is comfortable enough with me that they can get their ideas heard and appreciated. Their ideas can change the way we look at the school environment and I believe that [to be] very important.”

NS: “What do you wish to change and improve about the VP community?”

SM: “Well to be quite honest, it’s been only about two months into the school and there isn’t anything that I’ve personally noticed that needs to be changed at VP. There is nothing specific to the Grade 9s at least. Something I do want to see [an] improvement of is students interacting more during spirit days or [events] like RAK week. I do find that majority of the kids participate in these activities, however there is still a portion of the school that doesn’t. It’s so important for us to work together and interact with each other to help build a happier and healthier school community. It’s not that VP is lacking this, but what is the harm in making it even better? It’s always good to strive and do your best to reach success.