On October 11th of 2012, students at Victoria Park C.I participated in the annual McMaster Science Olympic competition coordinated by our passionate physics teacher Ms.Torrie. A wide range of events were available for sign up such as the Egg High Jump, Photonic Puzzles, Twists and Turns, and Chemical Forensics just to name a few.

Most of these events demanded the effort and commitment by students to prepare for competition against other competing schools such as Dons Mills, Centennial C.V.I, Woburn C.I and many more! Teams were usually composed of a group of 4-5 individuals, and in some cases more than one team were signed up for a particular event.

Meeting dates were assigned where group members discussed and strategized about their ideas for their respective events. Finally on the morning of October 11, after a hard week of planning, the bus left Victoria Park at approximately 6:40 A.M. to a much anticipated day of competitions.

The weather however didn’t spare the participants. High-speed winds invaded the grounds and the chilled the students to the bones. However this didn’t diminish the hopes of our amazing teams! They still worked diligently throughout the day, striving to perform at their very best.

Students were also invited to various lectures, presentations and demonstrations throughout the day courtesy of McMaster University. One particular presentation of interest to the majority of VP students was the Dark Matter Presentation which discussed the various theories evolved around dark matter.

By the end of the day, Victoria Park managed to win 3 events; the best achieved score so far by our school in all the years that we’ve participated in the McMaster Science Olympics. These events included 1st place in Twists and Turns, 1st place in Physics Paper Triathlon, and 2nd place in Software Challenge! Needless to say, the competition was tough but by the end of the day, students and Ms. Torrie were highly pleased with the outcome.