An interview with Sara Duodu


October 6, 2015

            Sara Duodu is a Grade 12 student at Victoria Park CI who took on the initiative of being the co-leader with Ashray Jani for this year’s Camp Tamakwa trip. Every year, the Camp Tamakwa trip is a huge success and strengthens the bonds between students of all ages. It is a great opportunity for students (especially those in Grade 9) to make friends and memories that will last a lifetime. Sara will help shed some light on the “behind the scenes” actions of planning and the Tamakwa trip itself.

Jessica Tran: “What were the difficulties of planning the trip to Camp Tamakwa?”

Sara Duodu: “It was difficult trying to plan a trip for 210 students because we’ve never had that many students come on the trip before. It was hard to gauge how activities would work and groups and even the talent show. Additionally, we reached a point where we literally couldn’t take any more students on the trip and it was hard having to put students on the wait list who we all knew really wanted to come on the trip. One of the hidden difficulties was trying to stay on top of the things we had to take care of.”

JT: “Overall, was Tamakwa a success?”

SD: “I think that overall, Tamakwa was a huge success this year! Tamakwa isn’t necessarily about the big moments, but about all the little ones that amount to something bigger. From cabin reflections to all the little inside jokes, there was never a moment in which we weren’t enjoying ourselves.”

JT: “What was different about this year from last year or what was the same?”

SD: “The Tamakwa schedule this year was more or less the same from last year’s schedule, however, a major change is that instead of having each group do a skit-in-a-bag presentation, we had a lip sync battle where each group got to show off their skills! As per the last two years, we went stargazing and had amazing campfires… You start off the week knowing a few people and by the end of it, you know everyone and you feel comfortable talking to everyone. That’s something that you won’t really come across anywhere else.”

JT: “Is there anything else you would like to share about the trip and the experiences?”

SD: “Overall, the trip was the absolute best way to start off the school year! Although the trip would not have been a success without the staff, the grade 11 and 12 leaders, Ms. Seedhouse as well as the other seven executives: Ashray Jani, Alissa Zhang, Ahzam Ali, Angela Du, Lakshay Verma, Fuad Ali, and Rada Rusu. This trip is indeed something that every VP student should get to experience and I’m so glad that I was given the opportunity to participate in it this year!”

Camp Tamakwa is a wonderful experience for all students and staff and although being an executive for Camp Tamakwa has its difficulties, it is certainly rewarding. Victoria Park is fortunate to have a trip such as Camp Tamakwa, the staff supervisors that made the trip possible, and of course all the students that contributed a lot of hard work towards making this Camp Tamakwa trip a huge success.