Mr. Gurnham is one of the newest and most enthusiastic members of the Victoria Park staff. As a history and civics teacher, Mr. Gurnham brings many new skills to Victoria Park. He is an avid writer, and an excellent athlete.One of Mr. Gurnham’s first impressions of Victoria Park is that it is very big. Although Mr. Gurnham has already gotten lost five times in the school, he is incredibly impressed by the focus that the staff and students possess, as well as just how culturally diverse the school is.

Mr. Gurnham certainly has many hobbies and talents, the majority of which stem from his experiences in his secondary education. In high school, Mr. Gurnham was involved in many extracurricular activities. He was especially involved in sports teams: he was on the volleyball, basketball, tennis, track, and badminton teams. During high school, he wrote for his high school newspaper (the sports section), winning the Toronto Star awards for his work.

Although today Mr. Gurnham’s primary job is that of a teacher, he continues to pursue his other talent by writing short fiction and academic non-fiction. Broken Pencil magazine is a Canadian magazine that Mr. Gurnham writes for allowing his love for writing to be shared with the world. He is also in the midst of writing two books! This man is doing so much in his life it is a wonder that he has time to do intramural sports, such as Basketball and Volleyball, a couple of times a month.

Mr. Gurnham is very enthusiastic about his job, and he simply radiates joy when he talks about teaching. He describes his favorite part of teaching as helping students who can’t understand a concept, finally understand. That moment when it finally clicks for the student and knowing that he has helped that student to reach a new level of understanding makes his job worth it.

For those who want to pursue teaching, Mr. Gurnham has some clear advice: see if it works for you first. This advice crosses over to all jobs because it is easy to think you might like something, but until you start to really do it, you will never know for sure.
As a history teacher, he has some advice for anyone wanting to pursue a career in history. The fact is that there are not many jobs in that sector. You can be a researcher and write books about your research, a professor, a teacher, or work in a museum. The one piece of important advice is that it is important love history as a whole, but love one part in particular more than anything because then you can go and learn every single detail of it and never be bored.

It is quite evident that Mr. Gurnham is friendly, passionate, and welcoming, so if you see him in the halls of the third floor, just say “hello!”