While roaming the evergreen road,
I left little pieces of myself
All around
The blades of grass I have come across that unknowingly cut me
And make me bleed drops of blood, in my head, only I see

And sometimes, I can’t ever find those little pieces
No matter how many rocks I turn
And sometimes those pieces are returned to me different
Singed, dampened, torn, beyond the point of return
And sometimes the fractions falling out of me are so small
I paid no attention and gave them no concern
Until the hole was too wide to be filled.

I tried not to leave
Pieces of me
On the edges of the green blades
Under weightless rays of light beaming into eyes
From the burning yellow sun
Already too small to see
Those pieces of me

And all that means is that you’ll never know me
Until I confront the eternal green
And absorb those microscopic pieces back into me.