Meet 17 year old Shamama Khattak. Many of you may have already had the pleasure to meet this fun, creative, and outgoing Grade 12 student. She is easy to spot in the hallways with her charismatic personality and positive attitude. She’s definitely one of those people that are always there to lend a shoulder when in need.Shamama has had many fond memories at Victoria Park. She loves the school spirit and the enthusiasm among the students. Infact, she says that her favourite time of year is Halloween because she gets to see everyone dressed up like different creatures. Shamama also likes VP’s vast amounts of clubs and activities. She believes: “They [extracurricular activities] really make our school more enjoyable and make me feel more comfortable at Vic Park.” This is quite predictable as Shamama participates in several extracurricular activities herself. This year Shamama is going to be a Peer Mentor, and has also applied to be a Peer Tutor. Outside of school, she is an active member of Interact club of Scarborough. In her spare time, she enjoys knitting, baking, watching teenage TV series, and spending time with her younger brother. She likes to save her weekends to do all the things that she was unable to during the week, which includes watching TV and sleeping.

Other than the numerous activities she enjoys participating in at school, Shamama has many other all-time-favourites. Her favourite subject in school is Math, especially when it comes to Functions. Shamama also likes the first three Harry Potter movies, Ellen Degenres, baby lambs and the colour indigo!

As it is her final year of high school, Shamama will be leaving this year and hopes that she will do well enough to get accepted to a college or university of her choice. Concluding the interview, she finally said that her biggest goal for this year is “to determine what she really wants to do in university and be ready for the next chapter of her life.”