You might have seen this young familiar face in the library shelving books away or even strolling through the hallways with a charming smile? For those of you who do not recognize her, meet Nadia Khobzi. She is a Grade 11 student who attended Milne Valley Public School before coming to Victoria Park Collegiate Institute.

When asked about some of her hobbies she replied, “I enjoy reading, biking, roller blading, baking, and watching television shows, specifically Game of Thrones and Vampire Diaries”. Her favourite book is Jane Eye. She stated: “I initially got into reading the book when I first watched the movie. The movie was so compelling and artistic! So, I wanted to read the book and I absolutely loved it!” But her all-time favourite movie is the Lord of the Rings! I love the action scenes and the characters are so interesting – take Gollum for instance. “They had great special effects in the movie and the battle scenes were amazing!” When asked about her plans for the future, she said, “Well, I am not exactly sure. For now I am planning to either go into the science field or the business field!”

Nadia Khobzi is also an involved individual here at VPCI. She volunteers at the library where she is also the co-leader of the White Pine Club. Moreover, she is a part of the yearbook committee and a member of the Eighth Fire Club! During my interview, it was evident that she is very passionate about the Eighth Fire Club which is a club that strives to bring forward issues and conflicts faced by first nation communities in Canada. She urges students to join the club if they are interested. Meetings are held Monday lunches at room 301. Infact, she revealed: “We are planning great events such as the Pow Wow and also sorts of fun events”.

Nadia is definitely a talented and well rounded student. She is kind, caring, and very friendly. So the next time you see her in the library or in the hallways or even at an Eighth Fire Club meeting, make sure to wave, say hello, and make friends with this wonderful person!