October 6, 2015

The sun had already set, and the sky was almost lilac, when Eden entered the abandoned house at the edge of his neighborhood. Once Eden entered the house he headed to the living room, or what was left of it. There was a worn-out love-seat and a few tables that were rolling on the ground. Eden quietly walked over to one of the tables and picked it off the ground, however while doing so, one of the drawers flew open and something flew out.

Eden slowly picked up the device that fell out. Realizing that he was shaking so much, he stopped and tried to bring his breathing back to normal. Once his breathing was normal again, he looked at the device. It was black, and looked similar to an iPad, only much smaller and thicker too. He pressed one of the three buttons on the iPad look-alike, and suddenly a woman, with a weird helmet might I add, showed up on the screen. She looked like she had just run five miles to get away from someone. She kept looking around before she started to speak.

“Hello people of Earth,” she started. Eden frowned in confusion, but continued to watch the screen anyway. “I am Lady 62 from Venus, your neighbouring planet. I’m sending you this video message to inform you that your world- your planet is under attack, or will be within two hours.” Lady 62 frantically looked around the room.

Eden’s heart was beating so fast he didn’t know what to do. He wanted to drop everything and run home, but a part of him wanted to stay and listen to Lady 62.

Lady started talking again, faster this time. “My father, the head of all military forces is sending an army to your world- planet right now.” There was suddenly a bang on what sounded like a metal door. “I shouldn’t be sending this message, however it seemed like the right thing to do.” The banging got louder and Eden’s heart started beating even faster.

“Lady 62!” yelled a deep voice. “Stop this instantly!”

“Please save yourselves!” she yelled before being dragged away from the screen. The screen turned black, but just when Eden was about to put it down, white words appeared on the screen.

“SENT OCTOBER 28 2704 23:53:13”