Ideas for singles, couples and the budget-conscious!


January 11th, 2015

February is the month of love and romance. When February 14th rolls around, you have no excuse for not appreciating your loved ones. The only thing to question is what you’re actually going to do on the day of to make it special. There are tons of things to do on Valentine’s Day, and whether you’re in a relationship or not, it can be fun for everyone!

Let’s start with what to do if you are in a relationship. If you’re in a relationship, you can exchange gifts (hopefully you’ll have one before the day of) and have a date night. Remember, there’s more than just chocolate, flowers, and cards out there, so be creative. (That being said, who doesn’t want chocolate?) If that’s too simple, why not do something more adventurous? Go downtown, stroll through the Distillery District, go bowling, or go skating. Nathan Phillips Square is open until March (if it’s still cold enough). If you’re looking for something less active and more romantic, go out for dinner and a movie, find a place for a bonfire, have a quiet night in, maybe cook or bake together. If that’s not your thing, there are plenty of quaint & cozy cafes, such as Spin Cafe at 51 Lebovic Ave. that has great desserts. I’d recommend anything with a waffle. Finally, if none of those are your type of thing, just appreciate your significant other and spend some time together. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be like it is in the movies, do something with which you’re both comfortable.

If you’re single, well, Valentine’s Day can be pretty rough. There’s no reason to mope around in misery though, because you still have family, friends and YOURSELF to love. Personally, my mom always gets me a Valentine’s Day gift, so this may be a chance for you to start a Valentine’s Day tradition with your own family. Have a big dinner together, exchange big family hugs, and tell them you love them. I bet they’ll love hearing that! Valentine’s Day can also be spent with your friends; go out for a movie, stay at home and hang out or go out for dinner. You can do all the same activities suggested for couples with your friends.

Just remember to love yourself; it’s still the beginning of a new year and it’s hard to put yourself first sometimes. Pampering yourself and having you-time are all important things. So, treat yourself and remember to tell someone how much you care about them this Valentine’s Day!